Sports have become over-whelmingly viral in the recent weeks.

By Kyle Bauer

I suppose it is a beautiful thing. Although in a sense, it is keeping me from reporting any hard sports news or giving an actual take.

Like right now. I could post about Pete Carroll killing his career to go to Seattle, and then Lane Kiffin going Lane Kiffin on Tennessee in taking the USC position.

Naw. Responsibility shirked. Why?


I love rednecks. Well from a distance. I have attended many NASCAR races, I have witnessed rednecks first hand. Even in those instances, I have kept a distance of at least 30 feet, for they cannot be trusted. When the actual race occurs and I have to sit among them, I keep a copy of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” with me to stay immune from becoming one of them. If you ask why I’m going to NASCAR races to begin with, well I…..


They provide hilarious viral material. Of course we have people of Wal-Mart which is taking the world by storm. There is also SkoalRebel who bares resemblance to  Big SlaveDaddy or VolDaddy or whatever he’s called in both look, lung capacity and candor.

I will give more credit to BigVolDaddy for calling Lane Kiffin a “crotch rocket” at 1:14 and then the even more appropriate “crotch rider” at 1:17. Well at least he decided to be a crotch rider early.

Let’s watch the horror of Saints fan shooting up a TV again.


I have never been more proud to be born and raised in Michigan.

BigVolDaddy video courtesy of Deadspin


8 Responses

  1. Well, I suppose I should thank you for the views you have gotten me on my video. Instead though, I feel the need to make you aware of some things about me that you have assumed, none of which are remotely close to accurate. Where as I do not deny that I do make myself look like a stupid ass hick, redneck, hillbilly, or any other stereo type you choose to use when describing me, I do take issue with that subject. First, i DO have an education and take exception to your assumption that I am an ignorant…insert stereotype here….
    I realize it’s your right to take my material and spin it any way you like, but I do think you would be better served to maybe learn a little about your subject matter before you decide to publically poke fun at me. Yes, I am a passionate fan of a college football team and at times make an ass of myself when showing my passion. But beyond all that, I am a driven, hard working, passionate family man as well. I dont drink, I dont abuse my wife, nor do I have sex with any family members as some have assumed that southern people do. My daughter loves me, as i do her and I would fight to the death to protect her and my family. I care for others, do for others and put others well being before my own in nearly every imagineable way. If you would take as much time to get to know the people you make fun of, as you do belittling them, you might just find that you sir, are out of line in some instances, and in others, justified in your efforts. That’s for YOU to determine. All that said, I hope you have a wonderful day, and I hope my rants, antics and crazyness is helping you in some way, shape or form. Have a great day.

  2. You have a daughter bVd?? How old is she? Is she hot?

    • She has more class at 9 yrs. old than you will ever have with a comment like that.

      • bvb. I take your reply with the utmost respect. I’m having some fun and lighting a fire under a subject. I’m sure I am just as passionate of a Detroit Tigers fan as you are Vols fan. But I am in a position where I exploit little things to turn them into big things. I appreciate your reply and taking time to read the blog as this has helped my website, I am sure it is helping your You Tube hits lol. I’ll apologize for the BigSlave Daddy comment that was out of line on my end. As for some of the generalities I made of cultural differences we have, I’ll leave that up for banter. I never at any point embellished other redneck stereotypes….other than the NASCAR thing, but hey, I go to the races too.

        -Kyle Bauer

  3. BVD, you should be a guest on the show. We all hate Lane Kiffin (for different reasons, of course). Let me preface this by saying that I am from Michigan but live in Florida now. By the way, did you know that Tim Tebow fixed my car for me? He’s just that nice. Anyway, I’m sorry you got your feathers ruffled about the publicity, but you can’t be upset for RDOS calling you out for your southern ways. You’re a UT fan, your unofficial fight song is “rocky top.” Your team plays in the SOUTHeastern conference. Headlines, just a few years ago, about the first BLACK head coach in the SEC’s history. Really? What year is this? I love southern cooking, southern women, and sweet tea just as much as the next guy, but I would never post a video of me urinating online. When bodily fluids are involved, expect publicity.

    • I dont take exception with anything other than the comment about my daughter. I knew full well I would receive some crap for my actions in that video, and I knew full well I would be called every southern stereotype known to man. I guess I was just a bit surprised by the overwhelmingly HUGE amount of attention I’ve received for this. I’ve had countless contacts from radio stations all over the country wanting on air interviews and my local tv station even contacted me wanting to “profile” me for “unique” passion. I thought unique was a nice way of putting it, considering they probably meant “insane”…LOL…I guess when I get called redneck, hick, hillbilly and other stereotypes it bothers me because in reality, although this video suggests otherwise, I am actually as far from those stereotypes as one could imagine. Thank for the hits on my video and I have since cooled down. Yes, my feeling were hurt by Kiffins actions. Not because he took his dream job. Only a fool would pass up that opportunity. But what really upset me most was the way he and that incredulous peice of human excrement Ed Orgeron went about it all. Thanks ot everyone who replied to my post on here and I appologize for my initial reaction to seeing your stereotyping. I should have expected this.
      bVd, or as my friends call me, bVd…lol….Keith

  4. Come on now folks. If youtube had been around forever just imagine the slappy mess that may have been posted by UM fan

    -Mikey P

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