Our good pals, The Victorious Secrets are back.

By Kyle Bauer

We all remember The Victorious Secrets, as they were chosen to be the butt-end of every joke through out the month of April, winning the “April in the D” contest for FSN.

While watching Judge Mathis on Friday afternoon, I noticed that they were back attempting to win another television music contest.

The band is being replaced. Even though they really weren’t a band. But you have to admit, their four-year run wasn’t as annoying as it probably could’ve been. I did enjoy the bicycle jingle.

Now The Victorious Secrets are putting themselves up on the chopping-block at a national level. I don’t get this career move. Instead of Mtv is the band trying to get big by solely playing commercials? This is a pretty advanced move considering all the various routes an alternative band can take to stardom. Screw integrity, blogs, itunes, satellite radio and good old fashioned hustle, they’re selling their way right to the top. Really I cant blame them for trying to make some money, but you have to admit, literally turning yourself into a commercial band is kinda comical.

Which song Victorious Secrets song do you prefer?

Should the Real Deal on Sports become spokesmen for J.G. Wentworth?

I like his red pants.


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