Neal Ruhl


Neal “The Real Deal” Ruhl is the inspiration and namesake behind the show. A moniker applied to him by his classmates in the hallowed halls of Fraser High School because of his propensity to be victorious in gambling situations, “The Real Deal” puts up with approximately zero slappiness. He has a healthy disdain for the pompousness of Michigan fans, and at the same time, contempt for the insecurities of Spartan fans. His favorite athletes of all time are both Barrys. Barry Sanders is the greatest running back in the history of football because the man tore Rod Woodson’s ACL without touching him, and Barry Bonds because the man won eight MVP awards (I know it’s really seven, but he’s still waiting for Jeff Kent to give the 2000 MVP to Barry because Bonds is the reason Kent won it)…

Neal is just waiting for his big break so he can take the Detroit Sports Media scene by storm and rid the industry of all the posers here that don’t even really watch sports (you all know who you are)! In the meantime, all of you guys can claim you were in on the ground level of greatness…He doesn’t really like Kyle, but he needs someone to talk on the show while he checks the message board…

Neal is also the voice of the Oakland University Golden Grizzlies on 88.3 FM and occasionally fills in for Mario Impemba in the same capacity on 1130 AM Detroit’s Sports Talk…He also produces “The Show” with Oakland University Men’s Head Coach Greg Kampe from 2-3 pm on Tuesdays on 88.3 Fm and during the basketball season…He has also done sports writing for the Detroit Free Press and has done freelance work covering the WNBA (HA!), Arena Football (HA! HA!), boxing, college football and the Junior League World Series for newspapers across the country (literally) from The Washington Post to the Honolulu Advertiser

 Neal credits his wife and kids with the inspiration to make something of himself in the sports media business (and he better, because he doesn’t know how to do anything else)!

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  1. I think you look great in the pink shirt! But why did you shave all your hair off again? Love, mom

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