The Real Deal on Sports is on fire….LIKE A KNOXVILLE MATTRESS! OH!

By Kyle Bauer

It looks like today is going to be a record-breaking day at the Real Deal on Sports, due in part to the last couple posts on the Knoxville riots. We even elicited a response BigVolDaddy himself. So I’m very excited that we are getting some feedback and people are reading this cute little sports blog we have going.

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Read the final part of Kyle’s 3 part blog.

By Kyle Bauer

A 3 day man fest! Or rather fest for men! (the manisfestation)

Be ready for this one folks. It is a beast combing over some of todays big college football games, Black Friday, leftovers, decorating and of course Dave Wannstedt.

“That mustache and hair combination makes him look like he spends his afternoon in the strip club eating cheap steak and getting lap dances from Community College Freshmen. Once a month, he’ll spend an afternoon with his daughter because the divorce settlement forces him to. He picks her up in his Trans-Am, asks her how school is going, she is understandably mum.”

How intimidating could a team that plays on blue turf be?


Boise State issued an open challenge to the top teams in the country, yet no one is biting. Neal and Kyle discuss the pros and cons of playing the Broncos.