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In October of 2008, Mike Parsons and Kyle Bauer set out on an all-day adventure with each other. Their goal was to visit as many cider mills as they could in one day and rank and review them for Mike’s old food blog, Mike Eats Detroit. This was a very successful excursion. Along the way Kyle and Mike visited six cider mills, spanning Oakland Township to Brighton in five hours and they also rescued a stray dog!

But the day culminated when they got this caricature drawing done at Yates Cider Mills. They both figured it would be good for a chuckle….


Little did they know that it was “National Coming Out Day” and it left many people wondering.

Your mission is to do your best photoshop/ms paint/fireworks or any photo editing software job to this drawing, or add a caption. It can be subtle, it can be blatant. The hack job can along the lines of any theme or joke, just as long you make it funny.
The winner will be chosen next Thursday at noon and the winning picture/caption will be posted on the website and you will also get a sweet prize. We are going to divulge the prize when we announce the winner but trust me, it will be legit!

Post your submissions at in the Real Deal on Sports thread. Or if youre not a member and don’t feel like signing up, email your entry me at

Good luck, I look forward to seeing them!


I have a bad feeling about tomorrow.

By Kyle Bauer

I’m already back from my suspension, after Neal and I pulled guns on eachother at the RDOS practice compound. Hey, I’m not his punk!

I’m scared. Very scared.

The Lions have a chance to possible land the number one pick in the draft that will grab them Ndamakong Soh, Russel Okung, Bruce Campbell, Trent WilliamsTaylor Mays or Eric Berry. While all those players are believed to be NFL ready impact players, Soh is expected to be an immediate pro-bowler. Russel Okung would be a nice number two pick.

What scares me is that the Lions are playing in a game that they need to lose against a very soft team. They are playing at home against Jay Cutler. The Bears have nothing to play for. The Lions can lose and stay in the top two of the draft. If they win, they could get bounced down to fifth. Likely the Lions will hang at two in the draft. Even without Brandon Marshall, I still see the Broncos beating the Chiefs, and the Falcons who also do not have anything to play for should still beat the Bucs in Tampa. But the Lions…. the Lions… the Lions love to fuck anything they can up anyway possible. The Bears love to lay down, like Jay Cutler after he forgets to take his insulin.


Bears- 12 

Lions- 16  

Yes, the Lions  be fired up and charge out onto Ford Field in front of a sell-out crowd and take advantage of an apathetic Bears team while Dan Miller has a verbal orgasm. The Lions will tell you how big this win is. Dominic Raiola will get in your face if you dare bring up the fact that the Lions blew a shot at the number one pick or possibly a top four pick.  The slaps will go dancing through the streets and proclaim “NEW DECADE, NEW LIONS!!!!!”


It would only be Lions logic that they win this game. It would only be NFL logic that they win this game.

Be afraid, very afraid. Tomorrow is a huge day for this franchise.