New contest at the Real Deal on Sports

In October of 2008, Mike Parsons and Kyle Bauer set out on an all-day adventure with each other. Their goal was to visit as many cider mills as they could in one day and rank and review them for Mike’s old food blog, Mike Eats Detroit. This was a very successful excursion. Along the way Kyle and Mike visited six cider mills, spanning Oakland Township to Brighton in five hours and they also rescued a stray dog!

But the day culminated when they got this caricature drawing done at Yates Cider Mills. They both figured it would be good for a chuckle….


Little did they know that it was “National Coming Out Day” and it left many people wondering.

Your mission is to do your best photoshop/ms paint/fireworks or any photo editing software job to this drawing, or add a caption. It can be subtle, it can be blatant. The hack job can along the lines of any theme or joke, just as long you make it funny.
The winner will be chosen next Thursday at noon and the winning picture/caption will be posted on the website and you will also get a sweet prize. We are going to divulge the prize when we announce the winner but trust me, it will be legit!

Post your submissions at in the Real Deal on Sports thread. Or if youre not a member and don’t feel like signing up, email your entry me at

Good luck, I look forward to seeing them!

The Michigan Blue Bloods Want Red

Rich Rodriguez has unfairly faced constant criticism. I don’t understand how in such a short time, hes alienated himself from a program. Despite bringing in a top 10 recruiting class, and small signs of progress being shown, Michigan fans want blood now.

They need to look at programs such as Nebraska, Miami or even Flor…..

You know what? Screw this. That whole Michigan scene can suck it right now.

I want to talk about a life changing moment. An epiphany that struck me upon discovering the existence of
THE EVIL GRIMACE. I didn’t know that there was an EVIL GRIMACE. I thought THE GRIMACE was ALWAYS the friendly “special needs” friend of Ronald McDonald.
But as you will see in this 1970 ad, EVIL GRIMACE was also special needs…

I know there was a lot of drugs done in that time but even the advertising squad for McDonalds or rather “The Man” of fast food, had to be baked out of their minds! I would like to experiment with some of the drugs necessary to envision and enact this commercial but I likely wouldn’t live through the night. I’m not off base to speculate drug use either. In 1973, the creators of Hn’R Pufnstuf, sued McDonalds for their “McDonaldsland” add, which you seen a prime example of above. It’s hard to naturally come up with the idea of a giant, fat, retarded purple “taste bud”, with googly eyes and four arms, who always needed to steal coke and get the shakes. If you do have that strong of an imagination, I admire you.

Also, I do not appreciate what a coy dick Ronald McDonald was to EVIL GRIMACE. I have no respect for his game at all. While EVIL GRIMACE did steal coke and shakes from children, he obviously had cognitive challenges, which lead to a corrupted view of social norms. EVIL GRIMACE was the victim, not the children. With how easily he could had been out smarted, Ronald had no need to exploit his ghastly appearance, and insecurities by telling him he was entered in a McDonaldsland beauty contest. If it’s that easy you back off. I liken it to how the Steelers treated the Lions with kid gloves earlier this season.

The McDonald’s corp. obviously felt some guilt from this matter. Aligning with the lawsuit they lost against the Hn’R Pufnstuf stoners, they had to change things up. EVIL GRIMACE was no more and he was changed to become Ronald McDonald’s best friend, to show that you need to help the mentally challenged, not exploit them. Also they dropped two of his arms, to give him the standard two. Which also displayed that there is no room for freaks in this world.

A benefit to the demise of the EVIL GRIMACE, was the edition of Uncle O’Grimacey, who in theory replaced the EVIL GRIMACE’s extra pair of arms. Uncle O’Grimacey appears once a year to deliver Shamrock shakes to THE GRIMACE. While I do support Uncle O’Grimacey, I do not support the goods he delivers. Shamrock shakes are gross.


…sorry. What do you see, when you look at this picture?


A. The Tubby Temptress going for a refill. Six for her, one for Steve Phillips.
B. Charlie Weiss hoarding for unemployment.
C. A disgruntled Mayor McCheese.
D. A poster for the new hit family film “The Blindside: The story of Michael Oher.”
E. How Grady Jackson spent last Sunday.

It’s just too easy, maybe I should back off.

Obviously THE GRIMACE has been a topic and the show before and that is partially why he is a topic in this blog. The other reason is because you cant deny THE GRIMACE…

…because nothing can kill THE GRIMACE.