I have tickets to the Pistons game tonight

 By Kyle Bauer

When my mother inquired about my plans this evening I told her…..

I’m going to the Pistons game.

Mom: Ohhhhh that’s fantastic!

Me: ….Yeah.

Mom: Who are you going with?

Me: Drug dealers.

Mom: Haha oh Kyle you’re so funny! Seriously, who are you going with?

Me: I don’t know yet. No one seems to want to go to the game.

Mom: Really? I don’t know why. You’re so lucky to be going to the game!

Am I really?

I purchased these tickets secondhand off of some shady fellow who stopped by the radio station desperate to dump a stack of tickets. In one hand, he held a stack for the Pacers game. Hmmm wonder why he got rid of those? In the other, a stack for the Blazers game tonight.

He told me that I could pay any price for them. They were expensive tickets and I examined them, they definitely were. He apparently was a season ticket holder who made a ghastly mistake renewing a plan that I’m assuming he originally picked up years ago. These tickets were 80 dollars a piece face value. I purchased three off of him for 10 dollars each. Curious to see if they were counterfeit, I asked him why he would sell them for such a loss. He simply told me he was desperate to get anything he could out of them.

In turn, I debated in my head from the time I bought them on Thursday night, whether or not I wanted to keep them myself. On Saturday night I could be doing various things, including a friend’s birthday, the option of playing hockey and the option of watching hockey tonight. Idealy, watching hockey at a bar while celebrating my friend’s birthday.

I first tried to find a couple people to go to the game with me. This was short-notice but not the shortest notice. Rifling through my contacts in my phone, each inquisition was answered with a no. There was a feeling that had this been Red Wings or even Lions tickets, the first two people I asked would had said yes without hesitation. In November, I saw the two worst teams in football “play” each other and I had no problems at all finding friends to come with me. Also, these tickets are marked down to 10 dollars from 80, the Lions tickets were 45 dollar for sitting two rows from the top of the south end zone.

There is no interest in the Pistons. Even with this team for sale and the stark possibility of them being moved, looming, there really hasn’t been a substantiated rallying cry as of yet. The Boston game was sold-out but that was more due to the opponent and the luck that the Pistons pulled out a rare victory. Last night’s game against Indiana, I’m sure was around half capacity, even on a Friday night. Tonight, I am expecting another horrible, stagnant crowd, to watch a horrible stagnant game.

Ultimately I decided to go because I couldn’t find three takers for the tickets and I felt I should at least get something out of my money if I cannot get all of it back.

I went to a game in November of 2008 that proved to be symbolic of the change we have witnessed in this franchise over the past two seasons. The Pistons were slowly beginning to slide with Iverson in the line-up. Rip was coming off the bench and not happy about it. This was a Sunday afternoon when the first winter storm of many attacked the city. My friends actually slid off 75 on the way to meet me at the radio station. Through all that, they still were eager for the game.

How were they rewarded for their determination? The Pistons handedly lost the game with horrible efforts in the first and fourth quarter. The team they played that afternoon? The Portland Trail Blazers.

Why do I have a feeling that tonight’s game, against the same team, will bare a similar outcome, except worse for the Pistons.

Oh well, at least the seats are nice and the Blazers are a fun team to watch.


Athletes making asses of themselves on twitter vol.4

By Kyle Bauer

I originally didn’t plan on doing one this week because of my illness but ohhhhhhh wow, this one could not be ignored.

Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen, posted what may have been the greatest tweet of all time.

(This courtesy of Deadspin via Barstool Sports NSFW)

Suuuuuure, this could be a hacker or Jesus was sexting up his girl(s) and accidentally tweeted it. With these smart phones and how it easy it to post to facebook and twitter through them, I bet this happens often. It’s hilarious and Ray Allen got caught.

Hope he can lock it down for Big State University tomorrow.