Real Deal on Headlines

By Kyle Bauer

This is normally the weekly feature in which I give my two cents on all the big sports headlines, local and national. In light of recent events, I have decided to save all my good material for tomorrows episode of the Real Deal on Sports, where we will talk about

Lane Kiffin/Pete Carroll

Mark McGwire

The Jose Valverde to the Tigers rumors

The LT Dance

Putting Kurt Warner in perspective

An interview with Pistons insider Dave Pemberton at 11:15

and an all new Real Deal on Society

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Until then, I ask that you reflect on the disaster in Haiti. Remember God is punishing them because they made a pact with the devil. So don’t feel too bad.

Now to lighten the mood here is Ochocinco racing a horse.


Athletes making asses of themselves on Twitter

By Kyle Bauer

Todays post comes with much help from the website

One of their members left me a comment on my Ochocinco post some time ago and I have been using it as a resource for this feature ever since.

I want to point out an athlete who is not really making an ass out of himself by making bold or stupid claims, but he is just being himself. I always talk about how I admire athletes who are different. It is refreshing because most athletes come off as robotic. Well retired NHL player and husband to Candace Cameron of Full House fame, Valerie Bure comes out as being robotic in a kind of Ned Flanders way. I’m not going to slam anyone for their convictions, at the same time I’ll snicker from time to time.

Check out his filtered feed at twitter-athletes-valbure

Note how he emphasizes everything with smiley and frowny faces like a 12 year old girl.

Watching Bobby Flay on food network 🙂 he makes me sooo hungry.

Yeah Val, Bobby Flay makes me smile too but you don’t really need to express it in your tweets.

Kids and I had soo much fun swimming. Now going home 😦

Really Val, are you that bummed you had to come home? Did Candace tell you that you had to get back home before the street lights came on? You’re a rich dad, if you really dont want to leave the damn pool, let the kids stay.

Going back to LA today and then back to work ( Napa)

Val letting you know that he is going to his job at Napa Auto Parts.

I noticed that he furiously tweets. He tweets at a Shaq, Ochocinco, Lance Armstong frequency. He even tweets often while in church. PUT THE PHONE DOWN VAL! I’M SURE JESUS IS HAPPY YOU’RE IN ATTENDENCE BUT WOULD RATHER SEE PAYING ATTENTION.

Wonder what Pavel thinks of all this? Very interesting stuff.