OU Senior Derrick Nelson talks to RDOS, The Lions take free agency by storm!!!

Why ESPN won’t cover the Big Ben mess lick Mike Vick or Kobe, Hockeytown 1995-2010, Real Deal on Society: Mail in Rebates

Podcast for 2-25-2010

RDOS 2-25-10 hr 1

Neal’s love of mother Russia, Rocky4, Olympic Hockey and The Skirt Retires.

2-25-10 hr 2

Tom Wilson jumps ship, U of M eats crow. Real Deal on Society: Snow Shovel Guy.

Some early highlights from today’s episode

In case you missed Kyle’s epic Real Deal on Society against inflatable lawn ornaments, or you already want to hear it again….

Also Kyle pontificates on the Brut Sun Bowl and how it adds to the legend of Dave Wannstedt

More clips from today’s show will be coming in the next  few days. Keep checking the site!

Miss the last show, or just want to relive it?

Check out some of the highlights all right here….

Neal and Kyle interview WDFN and WMAX’s Sean Baligian on his Heisman trophy vote and some of the injustices in college football.

Kyle is called out for his jeans and sandals exploits

Real Deal on Society-Gift Cards

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Want to catch up on last weeks show before Thursday?

In last weeks Real Deal on Society, Neal attack and issue he discovered while traveling….

The guys give their two-cents on Tiger Woods….

In a weekly feature running up till Christmas, Neal shares some bowl memories. This week, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl…

Time to report to Real Deal

It was not too long ago that Neal’s “Real Deal on Society” rant was based on guys who wear thong style sandals with jeans. It lead into a discussion about guys who shop at Abercrombie and Hollister. While I don’t believe Kyle has recently shopped at Hollister, he has in fact recently worn jeans with thong sandals. If you remember from that episode, Kyle claimed that it had been at least a couple years since he was guilty of this.

Here is your evidence…

I found these when I was bored, browsing through Kyle’s Facebook earlier. Knowing Kyle and the extent of his relationship with his girlfriend, these were in the timeframe of May through late August. Note that in the second picture, Kyle is in the Rocky Mountains. If you recall, Kyle missed a week of the show when he went on vacation in late August.

Now, I like to let people live their lives. I don’t like to pull “man cards” or often judge people on anything other than their personal actions or character. As you know, Neal will though, especially when it comes to Kyle.

So in fairness to Neal, I have to call out Kyle for violating a Real Deal policy and not admitting to it. Maybe if he werent late for the show, I would cut him some slack.

Tune in on Thursday to hear how this is addressed.

Also expect some new audio to be posted late Tuesday night.

Real Deal on Society- Hollister Bros

Sorry for the slow delivery on the show audio from last week. Keep in mind, the Real Deal on Sports staff is working feverishly to keep our fans entertained!

Put some real shoes on with those jeans, young man!