Real Deal on Headlines

By Kyle Bauer

This is normally the weekly feature in which I give my two cents on all the big sports headlines, local and national. In light of recent events, I have decided to save all my good material for tomorrows episode of the Real Deal on Sports, where we will talk about

Lane Kiffin/Pete Carroll

Mark McGwire

The Jose Valverde to the Tigers rumors

The LT Dance

Putting Kurt Warner in perspective

An interview with Pistons insider Dave Pemberton at 11:15

and an all new Real Deal on Society

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Until then, I ask that you reflect on the disaster in Haiti. Remember God is punishing them because they made a pact with the devil. So don’t feel too bad.

Now to lighten the mood here is Ochocinco racing a horse.


The Real Deal on Sports is on fire….LIKE A KNOXVILLE MATTRESS! OH!

By Kyle Bauer

It looks like today is going to be a record-breaking day at the Real Deal on Sports, due in part to the last couple posts on the Knoxville riots. We even elicited a response BigVolDaddy himself. So I’m very excited that we are getting some feedback and people are reading this cute little sports blog we have going.

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An uncomfortable pandora’s box has been opened.

By Kyle Bauer

Not surprised that crazy fuck Lane Kiffin is in the middle of it.

All hell is breaking loose in Knoxville. Deadspin has continuing up to the minute coverage. But stick right here for my commentary on it.

Here is some early riot footage…

All this has broken out over Lane fucking Kiffin. Seriously, did any of you trust this asshole? College coaches are treating schools/teams like Tiger Wood’s treats his whores and you figured Kiffin would be above that? I love Lane Kiffin because he dominates Twitter, has a hot wife, will allow hulkamania to run wild on you at Pep Rallies, and calls Urban Meyer a cheater. It looked like something brilliant was building with him in SEC. Unfortunately that’s all trashed now. I can’t imagine him starting something with poor ol’ Chip Kelly.

Through out all this mess, one viral video stands out though and no, it’s not the fat rednecks or the mattress burning. It is this…

WHAT THE FUCK?! I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS IS? I DON’T KNOW AT ALL! Apparently the “Lane Kiffin Show” on the “Vol Network.” There are several of these…..things(?)!

Honestly, I wish that I never would had delved into the sick, sick, crazy world of Lane Kiffin and subsequently “Rocky Top”.