Thanks for helping me get an A everybody!

By Kyle Bauer

If you saw my two recent posts on Calvin Johnson and Mike Modano, they were fake.

I wasn’t doing this to be malicious or get quick-hits, I was doing it for a final presentation in my media-ethics class on irresponsible blog-reporting. Obviously, I turned this blog into an example for the class. I deleted them because they were completely false.

Calvin Johnson is not demanding a trade, nor did he get in a dispute with Jim Schwartz. As far as I know, he definitely did not get Louis Delmas girlfriend pregnant.

Mike Modano will be a Red Wing this season, the Stars have no interest in bringing him back.

Just wanted to do that to set the record straight.

Thanks to everyone who commented and helped.

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This week’s very special episode has two first hours. However the 2nd Hr 1 in the red font is really hour two.

*Thanks to buzzboard member Grand Poobah for bringing this to my attention

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