By Kyle Bauer

The site will return to full activity later today with the reemergence of “Real Deal on Headlines” to catch up on all the sports news that I have failed to cover in the past few days.

I also plan on introducing a new feature that I am hoping you guys will enjoy later this week, likely on Friday.

Until then, it is a big day for the RDOS intermediate family. As most of you know, we reside out of Oakland University and they will be playing for a chance to ‘PUNCH THEIR TICKET’ to ‘THE BIG DANCE’ against IUPUI (Indiana University of Pennsylvania Unified Intelligence?) tonight.

You can tune in to 88.3fm Auburn Hills if you are if you are north of M-59 from Chesterfield Township to Metamora, which includes Romeo, Lake Orion, Rochester, Utica, Auburn Hills and Pontiac. Or if you are by a computer, take the sure route and go to www.wxou.org where you can stream the coverage live. I will be hosting a pre-game show from 8 to 9pm, featuring an interview with Neal to open up at 8:05.

You can also go back to 88.3fm/wxou.org for your half-time and post-game coverage, where I will also be anchoring.

Neal will be on 1130am WDFN Detroit Sports Talk giving color commentary with Mario Impemba on the call. So listen to him on WDFN and listen to good ol’ Avocado on WXOU for your pre, half and post-game coverage of the Summit League tournament final and see if Oakland will be ‘DANCING’.

As far as Mikey P. goes, I believe he will be working and chowing down at Sign of the Beef Carver.

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Real Deal on Sports/Robingehood.com Post of the Week

Congratulations to member Stinger.

He’s the winner of this week’s RDOS/Robingehood.com post of the week with this biting commentary about women’s indecision.

“I’m going to open a restaurant called “I Don’t Care” so I can finally take my wife to dinner where she wants to go.”

Special thanks to member Trapper for helping to spread word of Real Deal Township. If you want to help just change your facebook picture to the one below for a week.

For those not allready in on the fun log onto www.robingehood.com and register for the message board.

Miss the last show, or just want to relive it?

Check out some of the highlights all right here….

Neal and Kyle interview WDFN and WMAX’s Sean Baligian on his Heisman trophy vote and some of the injustices in college football.

Kyle is called out for his jeans and sandals exploits

Real Deal on Society-Gift Cards

Hope you enjoyed the show. Keep visiting the site for updates through out the weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving

No show today, apparently Neal and Kyle would rather spend time with their families than do a radio show. This doesn’t mean you have to wait another week to get your fill of the Real Deal on Sports. Check back, right here, later today for day two of Kyle’s Three Day Thanksgiving Man Fest.

Neal will be back on WDFN With Mario Impemba this Monday at 8pm as the Golden Grizzlies take on Memphis. You can also listen to Neal’s disembodied voice chat with OU Coach Greg Kampe in a new video feature “Coach’s Corner” right on the OU grizzlies’ homepage by clicking the giant menacing grizzly bear below.

 Mike’s entry about NBA superstars via 1993 has been picked up by FreshPrinceOfTheBlog. It’s run  by basketball fanatic Jake Bondarek whose blog gets ten times more hits than ours. Jake works his butt off on FreshPrinceOfTheBlog and he makes it a great read for super fans and casual observers alike. Check it out by clicking  the picture of Uncle Phil, Carleton, Ashley and Hillary on some game show i’ve never heard of.

Neal will be on the call for ‘David versus Cole Aldrich’

Tune in to 1130 am Detroit Sports Talk as Oakland takes on the #1 ranked Kansas JayHawks at 8pm TONIGHT!

Mario Impemba will be on play-by-play and our own Neal Ruhl will be doing color from legendary Allen Fieldhouse. Tune in! Kansas will probably win by 68 points, but support the Grizzlies and more importantly, support Neal!


Will he be more fun than Rod Allen? Listen and find out!

Tune into Detroit Sports Talk 1130 am Wednesday night at 8 pm to hear Mario Impemba and our own Neal Ruhl on the call for Oakland vs. Wisconsin.

Yes, our own. Just because WDFN is paying Neal dosent mean they own his rights.  He is still property of “Real Deal Sports Entertainment Enterprises LLC.”


You can catch Neal Ruhl calling Oakland basketball for both WDFN and WXOU through out the season. Trust me it is worth listening to, not only for Neal but also because Oakland is likely an NCAA Tournament team this year and boast three pro basketball prospects, including Keith Benson who is expected to be a first round draft pick.

We’ll keep you updated through out the year of when you can hear Neal on the call for Oakland basketball.

Real Deal on Sports in the Oakland Post


Alexis Tomrell gave us a nice little write up in the Oakland Post.

“….Kyle Bauer and Neal Ruhl want to buy the Pontiac Silverdome. To them, this massive business venture is merely a hobby; a side project to their first love: hosting WXOU’s ‘Real Deal on Sports.’

The live show, which airs Thursdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., had its official start in April 2008.

The two hosts had been working together since 2007, appearing on each other’s sport shows and working on various projects, until they decided to combine forces and co-host ‘Real Deal on Sports.’………..”

Read the rest by clicking the link http://www.oaklandpostonline.com/readStory.php?a_id=1660