Athletes Making Asses out of Themselves on Twitter

By Kyle Bauer

This installment is as good as it gets.

Today we have Jose Canseco. I dont need to fill you in on Jose. His well noted public actions have filled you in enough.

JoseCanseco– I am at fitness unlimited working out 16836 devonshire st granada hills great gym come by and check it out.


Seriously, would anything be better than watching Jose Canseco squat 560 pounds rocking a gold chain and a pair of Zoobas Pants?


The return of athletes making asses of themselves on twitter.

By Kyle Bauer

It’s baaaaaaack! After a hiatus from this popular feature, we return today with Vikings Offensive Lineman Bryant McKinnie.

Last week, I read a feature on McKinnie, and his behavior during the festivities at the Superbowl. Apparently McKinnie is so out of control, he was originally elected to the pro-bowl but was axed because the league was unable to get in contact with him to let him know in time!

His antics are best captured in an article by ESPN honk Dan Le Batard in the Miami Herald

The article referenced a rather confusing relationship that the NFL star has garnered with washed up whore and ex-convict Lil Kim.

The following post will leave you even more confused.

bigmacvikingsProducers while I still have Lil Kim with me send me some hot tracks. We been going thru songs all day. We went thru some last nite as well.

So uh is Bryant McKinnie starting a rap career and Lil Kim is producing for him?
Is he producing for Lil Kim?
Is she humoring him?
Is he simply listening to music and completely misinterpreting what Lil Kim’s purpose for him there was?
Well I know for sure he is banging her and he will have hepatitis soon…..and not the ‘good’ kind either….

McKinnie is becoming a hero of mine. Not only is he rapping and/ or producing with Lil Kim but you’ll see if you scroll further through his page, he is also attempting a tennis match vs. Venus Williams. Bryant McKinnie is proving to not only be a superior offensive lineman and partyer but a renaissance man.

The only thing left for him to do is attend hockey games with Rex Ryan.

He’s wearing a Big Dogs shirt everybody. A BIG DOGS SHIRT!

New contest at the Real Deal on Sports

In October of 2008, Mike Parsons and Kyle Bauer set out on an all-day adventure with each other. Their goal was to visit as many cider mills as they could in one day and rank and review them for Mike’s old food blog, Mike Eats Detroit. This was a very successful excursion. Along the way Kyle and Mike visited six cider mills, spanning Oakland Township to Brighton in five hours and they also rescued a stray dog!

But the day culminated when they got this caricature drawing done at Yates Cider Mills. They both figured it would be good for a chuckle….


Little did they know that it was “National Coming Out Day” and it left many people wondering.

Your mission is to do your best photoshop/ms paint/fireworks or any photo editing software job to this drawing, or add a caption. It can be subtle, it can be blatant. The hack job can along the lines of any theme or joke, just as long you make it funny.
The winner will be chosen next Thursday at noon and the winning picture/caption will be posted on the website and you will also get a sweet prize. We are going to divulge the prize when we announce the winner but trust me, it will be legit!

Post your submissions at in the Real Deal on Sports thread. Or if youre not a member and don’t feel like signing up, email your entry me at

Good luck, I look forward to seeing them!

Athletes making asses of themselves on Twitter

By Kyle Bauer

Todays post comes with much help from the website

One of their members left me a comment on my Ochocinco post some time ago and I have been using it as a resource for this feature ever since.

I want to point out an athlete who is not really making an ass out of himself by making bold or stupid claims, but he is just being himself. I always talk about how I admire athletes who are different. It is refreshing because most athletes come off as robotic. Well retired NHL player and husband to Candace Cameron of Full House fame, Valerie Bure comes out as being robotic in a kind of Ned Flanders way. I’m not going to slam anyone for their convictions, at the same time I’ll snicker from time to time.

Check out his filtered feed at twitter-athletes-valbure

Note how he emphasizes everything with smiley and frowny faces like a 12 year old girl.

Watching Bobby Flay on food network 🙂 he makes me sooo hungry.

Yeah Val, Bobby Flay makes me smile too but you don’t really need to express it in your tweets.

Kids and I had soo much fun swimming. Now going home 😦

Really Val, are you that bummed you had to come home? Did Candace tell you that you had to get back home before the street lights came on? You’re a rich dad, if you really dont want to leave the damn pool, let the kids stay.

Going back to LA today and then back to work ( Napa)

Val letting you know that he is going to his job at Napa Auto Parts.

I noticed that he furiously tweets. He tweets at a Shaq, Ochocinco, Lance Armstong frequency. He even tweets often while in church. PUT THE PHONE DOWN VAL! I’M SURE JESUS IS HAPPY YOU’RE IN ATTENDENCE BUT WOULD RATHER SEE PAYING ATTENTION.

Wonder what Pavel thinks of all this? Very interesting stuff.