Real Deal on Headlines

By Kyle Bauer

This is normally the weekly feature in which I give my two cents on all the big sports headlines, local and national. In light of recent events, I have decided to save all my good material for tomorrows episode of the Real Deal on Sports, where we will talk about

Lane Kiffin/Pete Carroll

Mark McGwire

The Jose Valverde to the Tigers rumors

The LT Dance

Putting Kurt Warner in perspective

An interview with Pistons insider Dave Pemberton at 11:15

and an all new Real Deal on Society

…Just tune in to that 11 to 1pm on 88.3fm Auburn Hills and streaming worldwide at

Until then, I ask that you reflect on the disaster in Haiti. Remember God is punishing them because they made a pact with the devil. So don’t feel too bad.

Now to lighten the mood here is Ochocinco racing a horse.


Sorry for no new audio posts. Please be patient.

I had planned on uploading some clips from yesterdays show. Unfortunatley schedule conflicts arose. Editing is a lengthy process and sometimes I just do not have the time. Don’t worry though, the clips will be up very soon. Until then, keep coming to the site for daily content.

This will serve as my apology….


How many bottles of BUD LIGHT GOLDEN WHEAT did you drink Sunday night?

By Kyle Bauer

In light of another fantastic week of NFL action, you should go back into the archives and read my blog on just how much the NFL ROCKS! Or just click here .

My personal game of the week. Chicago 6 San Fransisco 10 . A game truly deserving of a National audience.


But this may be premature considering the Browns are playing tonight.

Also is it sad that I usually spend my Sunday nighs sobbing while watching Barry Sanders highlight films on YouTube, or is it understandable?