Kyle Bauer

Kyle Slurpee

I’m Kyle “Lunchmeat” Bauer. Heres some background on myself. Ive been in sports radio at WXOU for three years. Been listening to WDFN since I was 8 years old (scary eh?).

Baseball and hockey are my main subjects. Been an avid follwer of both since the days of Chad Krueter and John Chabot. I might not had known most of what was going on, but my dad did the best he could to break it down for me. To no ones interest, I played a lot of hockey and baseball growing up. I played baseball through high school, and I still play beer league hockey today. So I would say that also has a lot to do with why those are my two favorite sports and I would say the ones Im most knowledgable on. Not that Im one of those guys who thinks he could manage the Tigers because he played little league from 8 to 12 years old.

I am currently the Sports Director at WXOU. In the past I have served as the PSA Director and News Director. The entire time Ive been at the station I have been covering Oakland University ACHA hockey. Starting out as the pre, post game and intermission analyst, I am currently working as the color commentator and on occasion play-by-play. You can also hear me engineering Oakland basketball games, while providing half time and post game coverage. To go along with the various sports coverage I do at WXOU I have multiple music programs, where I spin various forms of indie music, which is my personal taste.

I am also a contributing sports reporter, blogger and guest columnist for the Oakland Post.

5 Responses

  1. Good writing! Why is your nick-name lunch meat?

  2. Kyle,
    You seem to have things going in the right direction for yourself, which makes me wonder why you would jeapardize your obvious hard work to get where you are, but putting up slanderous blogs about people you don’t know. I hope for continued success for you as I myself once had a career in radio. It’s a tough industry, especially in small markets such as where I live. Have a nice day.

  3. “I might not had known”

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