Mike Parsons


Mike Parsons doesn’t know as much about radio as he thinks he does. Since June of 2005 Mike Parsons has been bouncing around the Detroit radio scene dragging down the ratings wherever he goes. Whether it be at a free form college radio station, a heritage news talker or butchering street names as a traffic reporter in Ohio the guy still manages to find work, most likely due to some tax break the companies get for hiring the mentally handicapped.

Mike Parsons is everything that’s wrong with the broadcasting industry. With so many talented, creative and passionate broadcasters out of work radio stations are staffing themselves with pimply face twenty something pencil necks who are willing to work for next to nothing, Mike Parsons is all of these and more.

What Mike Parsons lacks in radio knowledge is dwarfed by what he doesn’t know about sports.  Mike Parsons watches 15 minutes of sports center and regurgitates the opinions he hears on the program as if they were his own. He is stuck in a time warp somewhere between 1994 and 1998 where Eddie was still the eagle,  Grandmama ruled the court and Stone Cold Steve Austin made us cheer for the little guy.

You can hear Mike every Thursday on the Real Deal on Sports pushing buttons, playing drops during awkward silence or curled up in a ball with his fingers in his ears praying that the fighting will soon be over.

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