Do The John Wall?

By Kyle Bauer

My good buddy from the Oakland Post, Ryan Hegedus, recently brought the “JOHN WALL” to my attention.

While he is ripping it up in the summer leagues, the dude hasnt even played a game yet and he already has a song and dance. Maybe this has something to with players being so egotistical that they play GM and hold hour long specials on their ‘DECISION’. Maybe this is also why they are so insecure, they don’t want the pressure of putting a team on their back and being held accountable. Maybe this means John Wall will be doing the ‘JOHN WALL’ along with Kevin Durant to Chicago in five years.

Just saying……do something on the professional court first.


7-15-2010 Podcasts


By Kyle Bauer

AC Milan is taking on Panathinaikos FC at the Silverdome on August 6th. I did a write-up for the Oakland Post on the game, resurrection of the Silverdome and the future of soccer in metro-Detroit.


The World Cup is over.

By Kyle Bauer

With Spains defeat of the Netherlands on an extra time goal by Iniesta, an end came to four years of preparation, expectation and execution. For most in this country, this is a relief. You all hate soccer, whatever. As for me, I’m actually fine with it. As much as I enjoy the World Cup, league play is a lot of fun. Somewhat comforting.

But maybe I do want the World Cup to stay, solely so I can actually watch soccer. If you recall my bitching, it’s difficult for me to keep up without the aid of the Fox Soccer Channel, satellite and my inability to wake up before noon on the weekends.

Maybe another reason why I want the World Cup to stay is so I can keep watching this Michael Strahan Sports Authority commercial.

I hate Michael Strahan for so many reasons.

For his fake sack record.

For his fake fights.

For his fake acting.

(poor Carl Weathers)

For his fake everything. This guy always tries to make himself bigger than whatever situation he’s in. But I am really going to freaking miss that Sports Authority World Cup commercial.

Somehow, we didn’t see this coming years ago. David Stern did.

By Kyle Bauer

I have never really liked the NBA. Maybe me writing this loses a bit of its integrity. But integrity need not apply when it comes to the NBA, no-matter my predisposition or the Associations many, many predispositions.

This is a league who had a man in jail for fixing games, manipulated a trade to improve a big market team, and way back in 1985, manipulated a draft to improve the biggest market team. The NBA has now facilitated their own impending demise. They let the players run the league this off-season. Wade, Bosh and James played general manager, with no-regard for professionalism. Freaking Darko Milicic received a 4 year 20 million dollar contract. David Stern has lost control. While some view this off-season as a positive for the NBA, I see it in a completely different light.

The NBA  is further diluted in talent. As I have said on the show before, they should just contract all but six teams; Lakers, Heat, Celtics, Bulls, Mavericks and uhhhhhh flip a coin between Utah and Phoenix. What is the point of a Cleveland minus Lebron? Even with rookie of the year Tyreke Evans, how are the Sacramento Kings relevant to me and the league? Even our Detroit Pistons, not long removed from six straight trips to the Eastern Conference Finals, have no point in being sparred, new owner be damned. There are several franchises who have absolutely no chance at seriously competing for a ring. Orlando and Atlanta are cute. Chicago can hang in the mix I suppose. But really, if you’re a Raptors fan, why even acknowledge your teams existence, because it will hardly be noticeable.

This apparently is the way the NBA and ESPN want the league. Top heavy, predictable and boring. But were told that we wanted this to happen. When the majority of the country seems completely put off  by the idea of the “new Big 3” and even more repulsed by how they handled themselves in this process.

What happened in this past-week did nothing but piss off the owners and leave them hungry to get power back. Conveniently for them a new CBA is coming up in 2011, where I’m sure the current structure of guaranteed contracts will be challenged and rightfully so. I am predicting a huge lockout for the NBA. Attendance is struggling in most cities and many franchises are operating at a loss. Something in this league will have to change drastically for a cohesive economic climate.

It also pissed off fans and showed that this generation of NBA player is no-longer a player, but just a brand and an entertainer. These are nothing but sociopathic business men who cast a shadow as big as any despised corporate CEO. The only difference is that they are physical freaks of nature. Raised as prodigies and put on a pedestal from the time they were eight, they were never told that selfish- narcissistic, self-aggrandizing behavior is disgusting. The biggest problem is that they were further encouraged by their posse, the league and ESPN. Everyone involved lost touch of reality and built-up this circus, vile enough to turn fans away as if it were a player-strike.

There is the theory that James, Wade and Bosh, met by romantic candle-light dinner, before the NBA draft and determined where they were going to go. It could have been decided before free-agency that they were all going to Miami. Everything else was a show put on for the documentary that Wade and Bosh were filming of their free-agent process. Digest what you just read. That is absolutely despicable behavior, and tampering. If Stern didn’t want this, he could have busted and fined all three. Check out Bill Simmons commentary on this.

There isn’t a killer instinct, only a bottom-line instinct with this new breed. To paraphrase Charles Barkley “I wanted to be the man. I didn’t want to play with Jordan, Isiah, Bird and Magic, I wanted to beat them. No be their friend. Lebron will never be the man.” In my mind, Bosh is just as bad, willing to play third-fiddle.

While Wade has a ring, I give more credit to Miami’s big’s, mainly Shaq, for opening up room for Wade via mismatches down low. The other half of his Finals MVP is given to the officials, who sent Wade to the line an awful lot. Wade actually had more free-throw attempts than the entire Dallas Mavericks. He set a record with 21 free-throws in the decisive game 6. That added considerable to his 34 ppg in that series. And yes, I know, ESPN’s John Hollinger ranked it as the greatest finals performance of all-time. I don’t care. Jordan didn’t have to do it on free-throws. Jordan never went off the court in a wheel-chair for a shoulder injury either.

ESPN’s handling of this has been egregious. I am having to hear Mark Jackson say that “LeBron couldn’t have handled it more beautifully. I had my kid sit down and watch this so he could see how to handle situations like this.”  Or Tim Legler proclaiming that James put his ego aside. While I do not know for sure, I think I have a right to speculate that they were paid off to come up with those ridiculous opinions. Seriously, who believes that this was an example of someone putting his ego aside. HAVING A ONE HOUR SPECIAL TO ANNOUNCE YOUR DECISION IS NOT PUTTING YOUR EGO ASIDE. Conversely, HAVING A ONE HOUR SPECIAL TO ANNOUNCE YOUR DECISION IS THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY YOU COULD HANDLE THIS. But ESPN cannot get on the bad side of the NBA. They cannot get on the bad side of the “greatest trio in NBA history.” They would get smoked by Magic, Kareem and Worthy, and destroyed by Bird, Parrish and McHale. I’ll even say they would get beat soundly by Isiah, Dumars and Laimbeer.

Between games being fixed, trades being manipulated and the “best players” joining forces instead of trying to beat each other, the NBA is now the WWE. Or rather WCW in the late 90’s. A crumbling organization with increasingly flat story-lines coated in more hype than substance. Then when they’re really desperate, they have the former good guys become bad guys. LeBron, Wade and Bosh are Hogan, Savage and errrr uhhhh ummmm Kevin Nash.

The Miami Heat are the NWO. Like how how the NWO couldn’t save the WCW, the new Big 3 will not save the NBA. Comparing wrestling to basketball sounds pretty crazy right? Well…..a few years ago, I would have agreed with you.

7-8-2010 Podcasts

This week’s very special episode has two first hours. However the 2nd Hr 1 in the red font is really hour two.

*Thanks to buzzboard member Grand Poobah for bringing this to my attention

Bob Probert dead at age 45

By Kyle Bauer

Red Wings legend Bob Probert was found dead on his boat on Lake St.Clair today. He was 45.

His fights defined an era of hockey. When the game was perfectly balanced between grace and bruiting toughness. There was anticipation in every game. Every Red Wing fan was quietly hoping that someone would glance at Yzerman the wrong way, and Probert would hunt him down. Probert is a not only the definition of an era of hockey but also what constitutes a cult sports hero.

This was my favorite Probert fight. It is one of his better known fights.People will note the knock-out shot on McGuire, where you see his buckled knees fall flat upon Proberts impact. What I enjoyed was Probert knocking Barrassos helmet off with one punch. That is the most bad-ass thing I have ever seen in hockey, maybe in life.

Here are some other fights for good measure. Enjoy, because nobody was a better enforcer on the ice than Bob.

Probert vs. Domi (this is my second favorite Probert fight and most peoples favorite.)